After I ran the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October 2015, and finished in 3:42, I set my sights on running my next marathon to finish in under 3:40. This would qualify me for the 2017 Boston Marathon at age 55. Shaving 2 minutes off my time would take a thoughtful approach to my training and of course great effort. I felt that this was all within my reach.

Well it's been an eventful year and much has transpired. My training partner and I started the Spring running season with a really cool half (Rock CF Rivers) that ran the circumference of Grosse Isle, a large island not far from Downtown Detroit in the Detroit River. Being that it was a March race it was challenging to get our long runs done outside do to weather constraints. I ended up running a 12 miler on the treadmill and suffered for it. We did not feel truly ready for this race but I ended with a 1:42 finish which made me happy. My daughter won her age group! I came in 13th in mine.

In May we ran the Back to the Beach half. This one was unique to us because it included trails. Of course trail running requires more energy and concentration so it had a couple added challenges. I finished at 1:46 and 6th in my age group.

The next week we tried out one of the Run Michigan Cheap runs in Northville. Its definitely a bear bones event. Don't run these if you're looking for race bling, chip timing, and lots of volunteers to cheer you on. The course is nice, (Hines Drive) and so are the people. It was kinda hot and for half the race I ran with some run clients. I finished in 1:50.

I also ran the 8 mile perimeter of Mackinac Island and the next morning I ran across the Mackinac Bridge. (The post picture is of me at the finish.)

In June we started our marathon training schedule and this where things start to breakdown. My training partner/daughter got engaged and was married in mid June. Her availability to run with me was severely diminished. Add to that her demanding college schedule and you can see how running will take a hit. Couple this with the hot and humid summer and you find yourself missing valuable outdoor running.

I am disappointed but I'm not complaining. I still ran 71, 46, 90, 100 miles May-August, so it's not like I sat around all Summer. I got in two 18 milers one of which I ran solo.

So where does that leave me? Well, on Sunday September 18 my daughter and I will run the Capital City River Run Marathon. Although one should not say never, it's doubtful either of us could sustain a 8:24/mile for the the full 26.2 (this would qualify me for Boston). That said we will take what comes and do our best.

Remember fellow runners and those who care about this stuff, anytime you complete 26.2 miles of non-stop running you are a winner!



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