Yes Yes Yes, I love squats. As a fitness coach and guide to many people with varied fitness levels and goals, I keep one exercise constant. SQUATS! Nobody is spared from this activity for a very simple reason. Squats are the single most important and relevant strength building exercise you can do.

If you search the web for benefits that can be attained from doing squats you will find lists from 5 to 20. I've read many meaningful and some bizarre benefits attributed to the squat. Much is written about how it will shape your backside, and even increase hormone production. I have a very real life gain that can be had after performing squats regularly. It's quite simple - you will be able to get in and out of a chair.

So most of you who read this blog are thinking that I have lost touch with reality. Surely the majority of readers have mastered this activity and find no challenge whatsoever in siting into a chair and standing up from it. I can certainly agree with your thinking, but what will you say when you're 65 or 80. Since humans loose %1 of their muscle strength starting at age 50, that puts you at a %15 strength reduction by age 65. That's significant. So when will you start working on your upper leg strength? When you find it challenging to go up a flight of stairs, or getting in and out of the car?

You know that you want to keep your independence and to hold on to the ability to take care of yourself. A large part of the equation that will keep you in control of your life is having muscular strength and in particular, lower body strength. My recommendation is to start doing squats today and to continue doing them every day for the rest of your life. I am not suggesting that you spend lots of time on this endeavor. 3 minutes a day is enough time to do 2 sets of squats. Start with 10 repetitions per set and work your way up to 20 per set. 

There is a lot to talk about how to do a squat with the proper form, but for now just start and make fitness squatting a regular activity and you will reap the awesome benefits.