So much of being successful is packed away in the eleven pounds of grey matter inside your skull. I’m not talking about how smart you are or how talented you may be. I’m talking about will. Like in the will to survive.

I recently ran a half marathon race in Lansing Michigan. I chose this race because it’s a beautiful course, (mostly), and because it was the first race I had ever run. That was four years ago and a different story. I wanted to re-run the race out of nostalgia and to bring back the memory of that accomplishment.

Since then I have become a ‘real’ runner, lol. I’ve run quite a few races and have just over 4000 miles under my belt, or should I say feet.

But my point is this — my last Lansing race was not easy. It was no harder than any other but it was no cake walk. I wanted to do well and in order to achieve my goal I had to push myself. I had to WILL my success. I had to use my heart and desire to succeed to make my legs do the hard work.

There is always hard work to be done and things to accomplish, but it is the brain that stops us from quitting before the end.