This blog has always been about fitness and healthy living with an emphasis on active fitness, such as running. Because I am a runner I like to share what I am doing and some of my thoughts about that activity, but I am acutely aware that for various reasons this does not appeal to everyone. I also understand that active fitness does not work for everyone either.

For these reasons I want to share a shocking bit of information with my readers. Standing and moving will save your life. In the November 2014 issue of Scientific American, James Levine, an endocrinologist, refers to a body of 18 studies covering 800,000 people that concludes that prolonged sitting raises your risk of dying by %50!

Further outside studies and research conducted by Levine himself showed that non-exercise activity increased daily calorie burn significantly and promises to benefit people with Type 2 diabetes. Humans were created to be movers and their metabolisms designed for calorie needs based on that premise.

Levine coined the acronym NEAT - 'non-exercise activity thermogenesis'. Basically this means that any increase in any activity will burn more calories. Not to be outdone in the pervasive acronym war I've come up with my own - MAP for life - 'Make Activity a Priority for life'. Slowly change your life on a daily basis by adding activity and movement. Walk instead of drive, stand instead of sitting, do it yourself rather then asking someone else.

Make non-exercise YOUR way a life.