The readers of this blog already know that I am an avid runner and that I have successfully trained and coached a number of people across the finish line, injury free. Since late summer of 2014 I have been working to get certified in this line of coaching. I am happy and proud to announce that I have reached that goal.

I selected the North American Academy of Sports Fitness Professionals as my certifying body because the course is rigorous, scientific, and full featured. Completing all the requirements and gaining certification truly prepares the student to work closely with a client who has a distance race in their sights. In my case my previous running, racing and run coaching helped set me up for a successful completion of the Marathon Coach certification.

The logo is now mine. The logo tells everyone that I'm the real deal. Sure people can look at my public stats ( ) and see that I'm a serious runner but having a formal body put their stamp of approval on my knowledge is extremely valuable.

The logo speaks louder than stats.

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