satisfaction. I wrote in last week's blog that I was going to run the Glass City Half Marathon in Toledo, OH on Sunday and my personal goal was to beat my fastest 1/2 marathon time of 1:39:39 by running a 1:38. Well I did that and to my astonishment beat that time as well. I completed the run in 1:37:20 with an average speed of 7 minutes 25 seconds per mile.

A non runner may not appreciate what speed takes or the commitment to training required to shorten your completion time by 2 minutes and 19 seconds. So I will describe my accomplishment by comparison. Out of about 2820 finishers only 162 were faster than me.

It's true I am proud of what I did but there is a lesson here for aspiring runners and all people who desire a higher level of fitness. It's a theme that I repeat often in this blog almost to the point of mantra - set a goal, devise a plan, and chip away at it until the end. You will succeed! When I started running exactly 4 years ago at age 49 I could not run more than a mile without stopping. Now at 53 I can complete races in the top 5% of all finishers and still walk the next day :>)

I am not special, just an average guy who has dreams, likes a challenge, and has a little patience. You can do this too.

Another really satisfying occurrence in Sunday's race was the completion of the race by one of my run coaching clients. Jacob had never run a 1/2 marathon nor had he ever run anything more than 3 miles, (which is a fine accomplishment by the way). He hired me to develop a plan for him and to work with him throughout the 18 weeks of gradually building his overall strength and conditioning and his running capacity. It was great to see his face after he crossed the finish line!!!

Next up - Capital City River Run in Lansing MI, Sunday September 20, 2015. With 5 months till the fall race season now is a great time to initiate a run training program. Go for it!