A common question I get from many of my fitness clients is, "Why is this not getting easier?". This question will come up after the client has been with me for 2-3 weeks or 4-6 sessions. They have been diligent about coming to every scheduled session and working hard throughout each session. They are committed to their better health and have made the effort to make that happen.

There are two things that I explain to them. First, it takes time. Basic body conditioning follows a formula of specific activities that overload the musculo-skeletal system. This process forces positive changes that will make the client healthier. The second piece of information clients need to know is that as they get stronger they will work harder and I will push them harder. By putting more effort into each activity they build more strength and enhance their flexibility, balance and overall health.

So the straight and simple answer is - no. Your exercise will not become easier overall but you WILL be able to do more and do it with great form and power. Sure, when you started out you could barely eak out 1 pushup but now you are doing 7 beautifully executed ones.

Isn't that what you want?