OK folks, I'm going out on a limb here by announcing to the world that I have started an intense certification process to become a Marathon/Running Coach. I have been a serious endurance runner for over three years and have successfully coached four young ladies to train for and complete a half-marathon. I have also trained others for shorter distance races. I really enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of helping people achieve their goals and being involved with their fitness and overall good health.

I felt that I could be a more effective coach and gain credibility with a recognized certification, hence I registered for NAASFP's (North American Sport Fitness Professionals) Marathon Coach program. I researched many offerings in North America and NAASFP is way above them all. The required texts and practical hands-on learning requirements are bar none. Unlike many other certifications the passing grade they require is %80. To me this shows integrity and value of the certificate. This is not a two day classroom program. I expect to spend the better part of a year on this.

Wish me luck.