Is there a human being on this planet that does not want to feel good? On top of that, is there anyone who does not want to feel good about themselves, how they look, how they move, and how others perceive them?

I believe, and much research agrees, (, that exercise is a powerful instigator of good feelings about yourself. There is a lot going on when a person is involved in a regular and sustained fitness program. The combined physiological, psychological and emotional benefits are the subject of enough books to fill a library. 

Why then is fitness not a more sought after life pursuit? Why am I sitting writing this blog post in the middle of the day when I would rather be helping a client reach their daily/weekly fitness goals? 

I have two approaches to the answer. First is that 'life's complicated'. Everyone is busy, physical and emotional issues hold them back - yada yada. I could go on and on listing excuses why people don't get moving in a serious and effective way.

My second more visceral inclination is to call them out - people are lazy. Oops, I used the 'L' word. Actually, people are honest. They realize that a worthwhile exercise program requires hard work and commitment. Those are two ideas that are not readily given up. We all live in a culture that is mostly sedentary and technology and enough money has made lack of movement a norm. It's what we're used to and nothing will make us move except ourselves. So that's a third idea that holds people back - motivation. We absolutely need to be motivated, either by ourselves or by some external force.

So I will take the heat off you a bit. Start. Just start walking. Buy an inexpensive pedometer, (a device that counts your steps), and track how much you walk in a day. Write it down. Increase the number of steps each week and try to shoot for 10,000 per day. Do that for a month and then we'll talk.

Good Luck