I'm not a good salesman - I'm honest. Please read on a bit an I will explain what I mean.

I'm the kind of person that cannot make promises that I'm not reasonably sure I can keep. For example, as a personal trainer I won't advertise or promise that you will lose the weight you so desperately want to lose by signing on with me. I understand that a goal such as this is beyond my control and I won't try and convince you to buy into a program that I cannot manage. So where does that leave me?

Anyone who sells a product or a service has to be able to live with the results of their sales. When a salesperson is honest with his customer one thing is certain - he sleeps well at night because his conscience is clear. He knows that whatever he sells is real and true, and his customer will receive exactly what was sold to him.

I can relate to hype that is honest and that comes from the passion for the service or product. A salesperson who shares his excitement is still an honest person because the excitement is real and not an act designed to make the sale.