So yesterday evening I was scheduled to run a 5 miler plus a speed drill. When we started out it looked threatening and there were a few drops coming down. This would certainly not deter us because we are kinda driven to prepare for our October marathon and do not like to miss a scheduled run. So we started out.

At about mile 2 the cats and dogs started pouring out of the sky. It was just glorious! Once you're soaked to the bone it doesn't matter how much water hits so we kept our pace and moved towards our goal. When our concern about possible lighting overcame our desire to run, we took temporary refuge under a store front awning until the worst of the storm passes. We continued our run, now through deep puddles  and a cooling wind.

All in all it was a fun and exhilarating run. There's something wonderful about running in a cool rain in the middle of the summer.