I have several runners that I train regularly, mostly to prep for their various races. They are a dedicated and motivated bunch  who have made running a priority in their lives. More importantly they have made fitness and healthy living a priority.

My coaching style is subtle and mostly happens before a run or as discussions after they've completed their runs. We talk about proper form, footwear/clothing, fueling and hydration techniques, and goal setting. Goal setting always leads to the question of race pacing and PR (Personal Record) setting. I have found that aiming for a PR to be a good motivator for running faster. Fast running is NOT for everyone. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it has its payoff. It gives you a goal for a race besides finishing.

So here's the story...

My group was out running last week without me. One person was in the lead by about 5 paces when she spied cash lying on the side of the road. Instead of stopping to claim her find she kept running while calling out to the group behind her that there was cash on the side of the road. When asked later why she did not pick up her find she said that she did not want to stop. They all decided to spilt the money equally.

That is dedication to the sport of running and personal fitness growth!