Why I like kettlebells? Simplicity

We all like props when we work out because it adds fun and uniqueness to our routine. Props also allow us to stress different muscle groups. By using different modalities we can get different results. Instead of just doing pushups and squats, we can use dumbbells and do renegade rows and squat to press. Props in exercise can open up possibilities for multi-plane movements that make for a more efficient and fulfilling session.

Simple exercise props are affordable, transportable, easy to learn (in their simplest form) and are generally non intimidating. A kettlebell is a weight that has a round circle type handle coming out of the top. The shape of the ball can be modified to better fit the forearm during certain moves as in the GoFit product. 

Simple props come with basic moves that constitute the core of any exercise routine done with it. This is certainly true of the kettlebell. If you can do a squat with excellent form and have shoulder flexibility that allows your straightened arms to come up to shoulder height, then you can get a good kettlebell workout. It continues from there.

Start slow and have fun!