We have come to accept a world where acronyms are everywhere. They penetrate into every aspect of our lives. To be sure, the fitness world has its share of acronyms but it seems to me that the most important one is named in the post title. FITTE stand for, Frequency, Intensity, Type, Time, and Enjoyment. These five words instruct us on how to approach exercise. There is much to say about each of the five words but I want to focus on the last one - Enjoyment.

Much has been written about structured exercise and the benefits of physical activity but an overlooked aspect of any successful program must be its ability to keep the person engaged. Although any amount or duration of exercise has benefits, if it is not sustained throughout a person's lifetime, they will suffer from the reduction in the quality of life, both from the effects of preventable medical conditions and to degradations due to aging. There are a number of motivation methodologies that help to sustain an exercise program but many of them fall short over time.

Humans like to do what they like to do. We also do what we have to do. Which do you prefer? What keeps you coming back for more, time after time? Pleasure. Happiness. Enjoyment.

When someone enjoys an exercise program or even an single exercise he will continue to perform that activity. He may even select that activity over others. It is therefore absolutely critical to give great consideration to what exercise or routine that bring the most pleasure. When asked, "What is the best exercise? Running on the treadmill? Using an elliptical machine? A rower?" I always answer, "The one you like to use." The particular muscle adaptations and other physiological and neurological changes and benefits are of limited consequence if they are not sustained. All exercise will be short lived if the enjoyment factor is missing.

Find what you enjoy in exercise, spend the majority of your fitness solution searching on what 'floats your boat'. Think mostly about the fun factor. 

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