I speak to a lot of people about fitness and healthy living and the vast majority of them accept the prevailing scientific mantra that keeping active, AKA exercise, coupled with mindful eating leads to a happier, longer, healthier life. These people do not have to be convinced that incorporating a fitness program into their lives will bring them quantifiable benefits if not measurable results.

It seems obvious that people's intellect informs them to follow a healthy lifestyle yet something else in their psych prevents them from taking action. So what holds them back???? 

  • Time - I just don't have the time needed to devote to a fitness program
  • Finances - I can't afford to pay a professional to help me through this
  • Failure - I'm afraid to fail
  • Weight - I am so overweight I cannot even begin to exercise
  • Deconditioned - I cannot move enough to make exercise work for me
  • Medical condition - I have medical issues that prevent me from exercising
  • Equipment - I don't have what I need, e.g. clothes, treadmill
  • Tired - I'm tried already, exercise will make me more tired
  • Unmotivated - I can't get the motivation to start
  • No support - Nobody is supporting me
  • Inability - I have three left feet
  • Eat more - Exercise will make me eat more

Take a few moments to ponder these 'issues'/'excuses' and stay tuned for my post next week where I will talk about how to deal with them.