Back in August I made the announcement in this space that I was undertaking the challenge of Marathon Coach certification through the North American Academy for Sports Fitness Professionals (NAASFP). There are a number of steps required to earn this valuable certification and it is no weekend undertaking. That detail is precisely why I chose the NAASFP over some other much better known certifiers. Quality. Efficacy. Challenging.

The folks that developed this course understand that coaching someone to run an endurance race is a serious endeavor that if done incorrectly could lead to a seriously injured client. So they devised a teaching method that requires the student to study in depth and more importantly, apply not once but twice in exacting detail what they learned.

I passed the written test (89) and the Case Study (96) and now I am beginning the Practical. During the Practical I am working with a flesh-and-bones client, (non-paying), whom I am taking from the beginning, (he is able to run 2 miles non stop), to completing a half marathon. I must follow a high standard of planning, documenting everything in a formal document. The document encompasses every aspect of the training cycle and is quite comprehensive, (The Case Study turned into a 24 page document).

Although I have successfully trained others it is exciting to do so using the methodology that I recently learned.

Stay tuned......