I'm not a good before and after picture taker so suffice it to say that my new studio is an utterly complete transformation from something that looked like the aftermath of a typhoon to a functional exercise space. The transformation process was physically and emotionally challenging. It was hard on the body because I had to move hundreds of pounds of Ash, Walnut, Cherry and Oak planks to a new outdoor wood storage shed. The rack that held the wood needed to be taken down and a new rack built for the shed. A dormant oven and loads of old toys needed to be gathered, sorted and repurposed or trashed. An old, ugly and worn counter that held mostly useless stuff needed to be detached from the wall, cut up and thrown out. A shelving unit that held mostly toys was removed and rebuilt as a tall, narrow cart that allows me to free up valuable space when needed.

The emotional part, (mostly from my wife's perspective), was the difficulty in getting rid of old toys. Many people get connected to their things and also have hopes of needing them some day. I have mixed feelings but always feel a sense of relief when I reduce what I have. It frees up a place in my brain for living.

I'm proud of my small but functional studio and am pleased by the results it provides in terms of my living space and what it provides my clients. I can effectively train 2 clients in a private, inviting setting while being centrally located to my client base.

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