So now that I have run that signature race, with a totally mind bending distance, the marathon, to what do I set my sights? Where do I go from here? 

There are of course plenty of other marathons out there. I covet the challenge of many of them. Truth be told the distance of a marathon is sobering and should make you pause and think. Should I be running non stop for 26.2 miles? If it's OK to do this, can I do it again? How often? Is there a real danger to my body if I train and run one a year? Do I have the time to properly train each time? 

These sort of questions can go on and on but the answers are usually always the same. It depends. Everyone has his own 'suitcase' containing life's collection of challenges, desires, needs, wants, problems, emotions, DNA etc. Each person needs to weigh all of these complexities in order to decide what is best for them. For some it can be something as simple as the concern of someone significant in their life that determines the decision. 

I say, if you can then go for it. One marathon a year is probably not going to kill, maim, or otherwise negatively change your life. It will give it meaning, purpose and great fun. Happiness is the unique lubricant of a successful and fulfilled life. Running and specifically goal oriented running where you're preparing for an event brings much happiness to its participants. Anyone who has enjoyed a morning at a running event can see that along with the nervous smiles of anticipant runners is unfettered joy. I want that don't you?

So what's in store for me? Stay tuned to this blog for my coming declaration. :>)

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