In less than a week I'll be sitting on my couch reviewing for the hundredth time every step I made during my my race - or future race. That's the marathon I'm running on October the 19 (my first full). It starts in downtown Detroit, crosses over the bridge to Windsor, Ontario and then follows the river to the tunnel for an under water mile back to the USA.

But for now I'm enjoying my last taper week while reviewing what I need to have ready for that dark, cold, early morning start.

  • extra shirt (throw away)
  • gloves (also throw away)
  • body glide (way important)
  • NipGaurds (way, way important)
  • Cliff Shots (espresso with caffeine)
  • bottle with 16oz of Gatorade
  • Gatorade (duh)
  • extra set of clothes (for after the race)
  • music
  • passport (need to pick up my bib, it's an international race)
  • recovery drink (chocolate milk of course)
  • pickles

Strangely I am not nervous about the run itself just getting there, parking and picking up my bib then I'm set. Wish me luck. Oh, and stay tuned for an after race report.

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